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    Key Advantages of Outside Process Industry PR Counsel

    As you build internal support for retaining outside public relations/communications counsel forClick here to read our free guide! your petrochemical or refining facility, focus on the advantages outside counsel can bring to your team. 

    Among the many advantages outside process industry PR/communications counsel bring to the table are:

    A multi-disciplinary team

    Many PR firms offer skills and experience in disciplines that your internal team may not have.  For example, in addition to media relations firms may offer community relations expertise or have experienced stakholder relations professionals.  When considering which firm to retain, seek information on all of the services they offer and identify areas which your internal team can benefit from.

    An unbiased perspective

    Unlike employees, outside PR/communications professionals are imune to corporate politics and can bring fresh perspectives to bear when dealing with specific issues or projects. They’re not seeking to climb the corproate ladder or advance their careers within yourFemale worker shake hand with male worker.jpeg organizatioin.  They have been hired for their expertise.  That means that the counsel you receive will not be influenced, for example, by the popular opinion of individuals inside your organization, rather it will be based on their knowledge and expertise in how to best address an issue to cause a desired outcome.  After all, that’s why they have been hired.

    A strategic approach

    Top PR/communications professionals are strategic thinkers.  They are experienced in strategic planning methods that address a multitude of challenges.  They approach assignments by first determining the desired outcome(s) and work from there to define goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to produce desired outcomes.


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