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    Special Event Planning: The Devil is in the Details

    From ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY

    We’ve all been there.  The invitation arrives, it looks interesting.  We reply “yes.” We’re excited and looking forward to attending.  Then, we get there.  Valet parking is backed up, the check-in line is long, the bars are packed.  Not a good start.  Things proceed to deteriorate.  You can’t hear the speakers and worse, the speeches are long and drawn out.  What started as a promising event turns out to be a disaster.  Not going there again!

    Surprisingly, the scenario depicted above occurs all too often.  But why? Is it that difficult to planBusiness concept with hands and business words made up from letters-367780-edited.jpeg a special event that runs smoothly and comes off without a hitch?  Yes, it is!

    One of the most underestimated skills is the ability to plan and implement strategic special and corporate events. It calls for smart, strategic planning and thinking; understanding the importance of every single facet; visualizing how all the elements work together; and being a stickler for detail.

    Through our work with many companies, especially energy and healthcare companies in Houston, we’ve provided strategic counsel for major special events.  So, we know firsthand what it takes to produce a special event that is just that, special.

    You have to know what warrants observance through a special event. You must assemble the right special event planning team.  You have to create an event concept and theme that is compelling to guests while at the same time consistent with the corporate brand and culture.  And, you have to plan for and be prepared for the unexpected.  After all, special events are live.  There are no retakes.

    Savvy business professionals recognize that when you host a corporate special event you are entertaining your most important stakeholders.  You are also building goodwill and strengthening relationships.  Success depends on your strategic event planning and strict adherence to detail.

    Getting ready to launch a new product or service?  Take a look at our free 7 Point Checklist for Foolproof Strategic Special Events. 

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