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    What Special Strategic Events can do for You

    Regardless of what industry - energy, healthcare, architecture, banking, petrochemical, professional services, etc., a special event can be a great way to connect with your clients and prospects – if done strategically. Special events deliver numerous benefits and some business milestones are best-suited for special events.

     A special event can be a great way to connect with your clients and prospects – if done strategically.

    Key Benefits

    Let’s face it, everyone likes to feel special. Well planned and executed special strategic events can create goodwill among your customers, potential customers, employees, the community, etc.  – when it is truly special. Branded special events put your people, product, service and Rugby players standing together before match at the park.jpegcompany directly in front of and interacting with your stakeholders.  It’s face-to-face time in a welcoming environment. What’s not to like?  Want to cement your brand loyalty?  Special events fit the bill.  And, since special events contain highly-visual activities, you can get media attention to boot.

    So, What Kind?

    Many business milestones can get a boost from a special event.  But before you start planning, consider:  Is it significant?  Typically, only the most important events warrant observance via a special event.  Will it appeal to your target audience?  Is it the best way to reach your Time for Good News Handwritten by White Chalk on a Blackboard. Composition with Small Green Chalkboard and Cup of Coffee. Top View. 3D Render..jpegaudience or would you be better served by a trade show booth or one-on-one meetings with the sales team?  Equally important, will employees be excited and participate?

    Special events eat time and take employees away from their daily responsibilities.  Before you decide to start planning a special event, make sure you’ve mapped out the pros and cons for your situation.

    A Few Activities Well-suited for a Special Event.

    • Launch of a new product or service
    • Opening of a new manufacturing facility, hospital, office campus, etc.
    • Announcement of a corporate merger
    • Introduction of a new CEO

    Thinking about hosting a special event? We can help! Our free primer, A Spotlight on Strategic Special Events, covers how to reach your target audiences through meaningful and memorable strategic planning tactics that support business objectives.

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